Busted! Don’t Believe These Window Treatment Myths!

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Busted! Don’t Believe These Window Treatment Myths!

Stepping out to buy those dream window blinds often turns into nerve wracking experience due to the choice on display. However, more often than not, it is the misinformation and myths about window treatment that makes the process a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

Myths have the ability to influence you away from your preferred option, hence, to help you out, we, the experts at San DiegoWindow Fashions, have dispelled a few of the most common myths circulating about window treatment.

Myth 1: Spend more for better quality.

Though this can be true in many areas of life, it’s not always true in the window treatment industry. There are a lot of manufacturers that have "knock off" versions of the same exact window treatments, which are often made out of the exact same materials for much less.

Myth 2: The big box stores have the best prices and services.

Though in many cases, the sheer quantity of items that they can buy, give them the leg up on pricing, when it comes to window treatments, the same rule doesn’t apply. Window treatments are custom made, so they can’t be bought in large quantities. In addition, these big box stores don't have specialists, like the ones window treatment companies have.

Big box stores have one service rep that tries to sell you something and set up an appointment, then they send somebody else out to meet you and make the sale, then they send another person to come back and remeasure your windows correctly, and then they send yet another person to install them.

With all these people and moving parts, along with the rent for the showroom, the overhead costs for custom window treatments at big box stores is much higher than small local window treatment specialists. Therefore, on average, you will get poor customer service at higher prices, from less knowledgeable people.

Myth 3: If I do it myself, I can save money.

While this myth has a lot of potential to be true, all it takes is one mistake to make doing it yourself, not only a really frustrating, and a time-consuming experience, but an expensive one too. Therefore, hiring a local window treatment specialist is often a much better financial decision.

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