Types of window treatments

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Window treatments are often classified as adding shades or blinds to your windows. Blinds are the hard window coverings that can be tilted, opened or closed whereas shades are raised or lowered via a cord system or a spring component. These two categories are fully customizable to offer a variety of decor options for privacy and light control for the new homeowner. If you're looking for window treatments in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place.

Wood blinds
These are made of natural wood slat that can either be painted or stained to suit your home and taste. Wood compliment many styles of decoration and are easy to operate. Depending on your needs and budget, wood blinds range from light pine, to bamboo, to the richly stained ebony. For enhanced privacy and style variation, you can add a piece of drapery on the wood blinds as well.

Roman shades
With the impression of drapery, Roman shades have the functionality of shades that operate very smoothly. They fold up to look like a valance, but when open, they hang like a panel. They are available in many fabrics making it easy to create a great interior decor using color and texture. You can create several styles including new types of window treatment, family-friendly and traditional. They can be designed in various forms like top down, thermal liners, cordless or bottom up.

Roller shades
These types of shades operate in a very simple mechanism; they hang flat near the window panes when lowered and roll onto a cylinder when raised. Many types of fabrics can be used in various colors to create the decor you are seeking. With the current technology, you can even print an image on the fabric for your window treatment. It's cordless lift creates a clean look that makes your windows very lovely.

Faux wood blinds
This option gives an uncomplicated look and great value to your home or office. They are affordable, easy to maintain and efficient at creating privacy while controlling light. They don’t fade or fray and require only a quick wipe occasionally. They look and feel just like wood blinds though they are more durable and less expensive. These blinds work best for humid climates or rooms with high humidity like the kitchens and bathrooms.

Panel track blinds
This is one of the best among the new types of window treatments available, especially for sliding glass doors and large picture windows. They actually cover large spaces and are made of drapery and vertical blinds. They can also be mounted on the ceiling to work as a room divider. It uses materials like basic solar screens, as well as natural woven wood to give you a marvelous decor.

Solar shades
This trendy shade type is gaining popularity among the new homeowners in San Diego due to its UV filtering capabilities while preserving your view of the outdoors. They save on energy cost since it insulates the house from outside heat, therefore lowering your cooling costs during summer.

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