The Latest in Window Treatment Fashions

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Fashion trends can be fickle and home fashion is no exception. Many of today’s most popular window treatments are now sporting simpler, more tailored looks which open up the room, keeping it modern and uncluttered. Here are some of these trends. Learn how you can incorporate them into your own window treatment design.

1. Motorization shades and blinds

With technology scaling up to new heights, then you should not expect window coverings to be any different. What most people don’t know is that it is possible to control window coverings from your smartphone or tablet. This can be done with motorized shades and motorized roller shades that make life easier with their control functionalities, such as scheduling your shades to open or close whenever you want. 

Automated window coverings have taken convenience to the next level. Since many windows can be hard to reach, these automated solutions allow homeowners to open and close them with ease. 

2. Custom made blinds and shades

They are an awesome way of upgrading the décor of your room while at the same time reflecting on your personal style. We can custom make every type of decorative window blind and shade and this entails even multi-layer window treatments that utilize side panels, cornice boxes or drapery panels.

Tips on how to clean various blinds and shades

· Honeycombs

They are also known as cellular shades. To clean them, use a vacuum tool to dust. Once you are done with dusting, lightly blot out stains with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild detergent.

· Roman shades

To clean these, use a vacuum’s soft dusting brush. Where needed, spot clean any stain using a cloth soaked in mild soap solution. 

· Sheer shades

Vacuum these using the brush setting on the vacuum.

· Roller shades

All you need to do is go over it with a vacuum’s brush and where necessary do spot cleaning. In order to wash vinyl roller shades, wipe the shades in sections using a soft cloth soaked in a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Starting at the bottom, work your way upwards till the whole shade is clean. Make sure that you leave it wholly extended to dry.

· Wood blinds

To clean, dust using a piece of cloth. You can choose to dampen a soft cloth with water that is warm and wipe the slates to remove stubborn dirt.

With such a wide variety of window treatments, it can be difficult for homeowners to decide which one to choose. That where we come in as window experts. There you have it! The top window treatment trends that are sure to have an impact on home design.

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